Corporate Profile

Norwood-O’Hare Realty Group is a full service corporate real estate and asset management firm in Itasca, Illinois.
For over 20 years, Norwood-O’hare has provided it’s clients with the most effective marketing and corporate real estate knowledge that consistently leads to the desired result – the sale or lease of their real estate assets in a timely fashion at the most profitable rate of return.

Our professional staff and support personnel at Norwood-O’Hare Realty Group understand corporate real estate and all of it’s intricacies because we do not approach all of our exclusive assignments simply as brokers or asset managers. We use our experience and insights of property ownership to attain results. Our experience in assisting property development, acquisition, refinancing and adding value to current assets is invaluable to those who retain our firm. Norwood-O’Hare Realty Group exclusive assignments receive full benefit of our collective knowledge of real estate analysis.

The real estate environment for the next five years will be dominated by considerations of widely varied forms of financing, mergers, acquisitions and an over-supply of space. These factors are reflected in the sophisticated range of terms acceptable and necessary for transaction negotiation. Norwood-O’Hare Realty Group has the knowledge of the marketplace, the technology and the skill to lead any real estate effort on behalf of it’s clients.